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A while back I created a couple of apps to test drive some new (to me) frameworks:

Continuing in that tradition I decided to write a similar app using AWS Amplify and React Native. Thanks to AWS Amplify I ended up with a much more secure and private version of my previous apps with virtually no additional work from me.

The app we will build allows a user to take a photo which is uploaded and stored securely and privately. The photo is then analyzed using Amplify Predictions which returns a list of labels. …

I’ve been a fan of code once, release many development platforms like Cordova (and associated app frameworks, like Ionic) as well as Xamarin. I’ve been keeping an eye on Flutter, Google’s entry into the fray. Recently they hit their 1.0 release and I decided to give it a spin. I was a bit apprehensive diving in as Flutter apps are written in Dart (of which I have little experience), but I was encouraged by Google’s statement:

You don’t need previous experience with Dart or mobile programming.

With that statement in mind, I decided to recreate an app I previously wrote…

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) Mercury release is right around the corner, so I decided to take the Preview for a test drive as a User and go through the process of becoming a Publisher. The Mercury release (among other things) integrates a BAT wallet into the Brave browser and allows Users to add BAT, ultimately to be shared with Publishers. You can read more about Basic Attention Token here and follow them on Medium here.


The User side of the triangle represents a user of the Brave browser. For the Mercury release, the User can opt-in to Brave Payments…

I’ve been keeping an eye on Google Cloud Vision and wanted a quick way to test it out in the real world so I slapped together a quick Ionic 3 app. After I realized how easy it is, I’ve decided to share step-by-step how to build your own. If you just want to see the code you can grab it here.

We will build an Ionic 3 mobile app that will allow the user to take a photo of something, label it using Google Cloud Vision, and save the image and labels to a Firebase realtime database. …

Chris Betz

Lover of technology. CTO at New Ocean Health.

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